Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Zoo'y day...

We went to the Zoo today and had so much fun. I was really quite shocked at the facts that 1. Lenah walked the ENTIRE time (and we were there a long time for not that huge of a zoo, like 4 hours long), with her shoes on the wrong feet no-less because that is how she insisted they go on this morning and well, we all know, who's gonna argue that with a 3 year old? and 2. Kinsley didn't whine a second ALL day being in her stroller and skipping naps. This is coming from the girl who screams bloody murder and arches her back so she doesn't have to get in the stroller or carseat against her will. She is a stongwilled child,takes after her daddy forsure ;-) They sure were sleepy tonight though and zonked right out the second their heads hit the pillow.

Speaking of that, I just have to brag up Kinsley a sec. Lately (the past couple months, read it took us MANY months to get to this point, this girl didn't sleep through the night until at least 8 months old.) when we tell her it's time for nigh night, she walks over to the gate on the stairs and waits for us to take it down so she can go to bed. Even if it means she waits for Lenah to pee, get her jammies on or just dawdle. Gosh, I really hope that never stops (not Lenah dawdling, but Kinsley wanting to go to bed!) I'll admit Lenah gets the dawdling from me. Though I am definitely NOT a dawdler anymore, I used to be BAD. My dad called me "pocahontas" as in being pokey, pocahontas when I was little. Wow, I'm really rambling now. I'll be done.

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