Monday, August 15, 2011

well it's been awhile, I wish I could blame it on our crazy busy last couple weeks (and I guess I probably COULD) but I hate it when people say they are too busy to get something done. I think where there is a will there is a way. {thud} I've stepped off my soapbox. No excuse for me.

Anyway. The last couple weeks have been long, exciting, and full of emotions. Alex's grandpa passed away, and although he had an amazing long, full life and touched so many people, it was still hard to let him go. I can't imagine how people do it without the peace that he is in heaven with our heavenly Father and healthy and strong. I've read a couple of the books fairly recently about people going to heaven and it just sounds absolutely thrilling! Beyond words amazing! And I couldn't help but think that is where Grandpa is right now!!! What a lucky man! He's the winner in all of this :)

Last week the house building seemed so trivial in the midst of everything. But we really have made great progress! And we are so excited! The roof should be done in the next few days and they've gotten all the windows and most doors in! This week will be kind of a slow week speaking for the visible progress of it. But they will be starting the plumbing and electrical! yay! Its coming and even though early December doesn't seem to most, too far off, it still seems like a lifetime to us :) I do have to say though that I'm pretty excited to start purging again in another month or so! Gosh, I love throwing stuff away. Its a nasty habit I have and sometimes things get thrown away when they shouldn't be, but man, it just feels so fabulous to open that trash and chuck it! And I kind of like filling our garbage can that we pay for to be taken away.

We have someone looking through our house tonight, say a prayer that they all LOVE it and want to buy it!!! We're getting anxious to have this thing sold before we move. Sometimes I wish we could look into the future and just see if all this worrying is worth it. I just hate un-knowns, but we shall see, it's not really up to us. thankfully. We have someone way better than ourselves looking out for us!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Zoo'y day...

We went to the Zoo today and had so much fun. I was really quite shocked at the facts that 1. Lenah walked the ENTIRE time (and we were there a long time for not that huge of a zoo, like 4 hours long), with her shoes on the wrong feet no-less because that is how she insisted they go on this morning and well, we all know, who's gonna argue that with a 3 year old? and 2. Kinsley didn't whine a second ALL day being in her stroller and skipping naps. This is coming from the girl who screams bloody murder and arches her back so she doesn't have to get in the stroller or carseat against her will. She is a stongwilled child,takes after her daddy forsure ;-) They sure were sleepy tonight though and zonked right out the second their heads hit the pillow.

Speaking of that, I just have to brag up Kinsley a sec. Lately (the past couple months, read it took us MANY months to get to this point, this girl didn't sleep through the night until at least 8 months old.) when we tell her it's time for nigh night, she walks over to the gate on the stairs and waits for us to take it down so she can go to bed. Even if it means she waits for Lenah to pee, get her jammies on or just dawdle. Gosh, I really hope that never stops (not Lenah dawdling, but Kinsley wanting to go to bed!) I'll admit Lenah gets the dawdling from me. Though I am definitely NOT a dawdler anymore, I used to be BAD. My dad called me "pocahontas" as in being pokey, pocahontas when I was little. Wow, I'm really rambling now. I'll be done.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

"raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things..."I have NO idea why, but I've been having that song in my head for a few days now, maybe it's a sign. Maybe I need to realize how good I've got it, so I'm sitting down and writing down some of my favs...

~ My girls and their pretty awesome daddy. I can't believe how much you can love someone else.

~ My magic bullet, this thing is awesome and makes fabulous drinks and smoothies!!! love love love!

~ olive oil, it's been a sick addiction for awhile. I use it for everything, cooking, my face, my feet, my whole body! It makes me feel so smooth and hydrated! wierd. i know. i don't care. i love it.
~ My comfy pants, it's ridiculous how much I love my comfy pants, don't worry, I dont go out in public with them, but honestly have them on every single chance I get. It's actually kinda embarrassing now that I think about it.~Green smoothies, I've been on a major kick for awhile and I'm convinced that one of these a day will keep you away from colds, etc! And bonus, my girls LOVE them!

~ My beautiful girls painted finger nails :)

~ Freshly picked flowers, ok mostly weeds, but still.

~ Fresh homemade bread from the breadmaker....mmmmm.... I usually eat the butt end before it makes it to the table :)

These are a few of my favorite things!!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July...

Well, better late than never, but we had a great 4th of July. We went to Alex's parents cabin and spent saturday at my parents. Its so wonderful that they have cabins so close to eachother up there. Lots of water time, good food and family!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I love this laundry room, the open, airy, cheery feel. Ive had my eye on this for some time, soon.

speaking of laundry, it never ends. I have a couple loads I need to catch back up on today. I really hate having to turn dirty nasty socks right side out. I usually just dont. If they're still dirty it's not my problem. But I am grateful for all the toes at my house that wear those socks!

That's all for now...

Monday, June 27, 2011


I've been thinking as I blog stalk that maybe just maybe I should start up our blog again. It's always fun looking back at ours. We will see how long this continues, but I'll give it a go.
Here's what we've been up to:
~ We had another baby! what!?! Another baby! Ha, Kinsley isn't even on this blog, that's how long it's been. Yup, Kinsley and her silly, strong-willed adorable self. Man I love that girl.
~ Lenah is just a tender hearted little girl who doesn't always like to listen to mommy, but she is so sweet. She's almost 3 and its insane how quickly they grow up.
~ We're building, Alex had this land since highschool, and he proposed to me on it :) sappy I Know :) but it's kinda fun to think about raising our kids and growing old together on the same land as he asked me to be his wife....
~ We just had a giant garage sale and I got rid of soooo much stuff, but it doesn't even look like it and I'm sorely disappointed. I can't believe how much crap I had in this house! It doesn't even have that much storage! But I am madly in love with the basement again since we've regained a little space down there. yay! Who cares if there's no furniture, tv, etc, there is ROOM!
~ Last night we had our small group out to the lake and went see-dooing, cooked out, swam, well floated, it was cold to swim. And had lots of fun laughing and chatting. Alex and I are so grateful for our "new" church (we've been there about a year and a half) and we feel so much more at home here, this is where we need to be. The people are so inviting, I've never seen a church with such hospitality.
~ I haven't been keeping up on the house as well lately, its getting harder with 2 kids and nice weather. eh. There's always tommorow. There isn't cobwebs hanging from the ceiling yet, well ok, maybe a couple. But its good enough. I'd rather watch the girls outside while catching some rays anyhow.
~ Tonight we are going to have our first peas from the garden tonight, I'm pretty excited. I guess I shouldn't say first, we've been munching on em, but haven't had enough for a meal until now.
~ Right now Lenah's sitting next to me driving me nuts asking if she can go get Kinsley up. She's bored, how do you tell an almost 3 year old that she wouldn't be so bored if she would've slept longer than 6:40am? hmmmm maybe I'll work on that.

alright I guess that's all for now. I'm sure I'll be back. I'll leave you with a picture of our new baby, Kinsley. If I can remember how to post em.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Its December already!!!

I can not believe its Dec. already! I was stressing a bit yesterday thinking of all that needs to get done before Christmas and actually way before that since all our parties start next weekend already! But... Lenah was a trooper yesterday and let mommy get lots of christmas shopping done, so i just have the little things to do now, grab gifts, stocking stuffers, etc. whew!

We got our tree the day after thanksgiving and put it up that night. It was something with miss Lenah around this year! Well, she was around last year too, but not into things so much yet :) But she's doing ok with it so far. Only ripped one gift open so far. lol

We leave for Turks and Caicos with Alex's family the day after Christmas, so the next few weeks will be busy with Christmas parties, baking, packing, and getting last minute things ready! But I'm not complaining, it will be well worth it when we get there and can just relax! We are SOOOOO excited! Not so much for the planeride there with Lenah, but oh well, we have lots of help :) Thank goodness, because entertaining an active 16 mo old will not be an easy task I'm sure!

Lenah has been full of life lately as always. She is learning to whine to get her way exceptionally well and throws fits when she doesnt get what she wants. Terrible 2's already!?! But she is also the joy of our lives :) She is talking more and more and knows what she wants and points to it, which is nice you dont have to just guess. She loves to "feed" her baby or stuffed animals her sippy cup and makes a "chhhhhh" sound. It is precious. She loves to read books and is learning to like to color. I'm trying to hold off til christmas because I think someone might be getting her some cool crayons! She loves to climb on the couch and will sometimes just walk right off the end! agh! But oh well! crazy girl :)

Baby D is doing well! I'm feeling her more and more everyday and am loving it! I cant wait until Alex can feel her, and I know he is excited about that too :) It was pretty amazing watching her on the u/s the other day! I could watch all day long.... I just love being able to say, "my girls" it is so much fun!
Before we leave for vacation we need to empty out the computer room and make room for baby! The painter is coming while we are gone, so we have to have the room all ready for him. yay!!!
ok, ive bored you enough for today! Enjoy the weather, as I'm pretty sure this will be our last "nice" day for a long time :(

enjoying some reading time, reading to her kitty

helping daddy untangle the christmas lights as I put them on the tree

haha nice bling Lenah :)
Lenah making her fishie face that Daddy taught her :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Its a...........

GIRL!!! We are SOOO excited! Little Miss Lenah will be joined by her little sister in April, 2010! I think Lenah is pretty excited too, ok, well, she might not have a clue, but I think she will be excited! It will be so nice to have the girls so close together and hopefully not have to buy so many clothes since this baby can use Lenahs. OK, who am I kidding, I'm sure I will still buy clothes. :)

Everything on the ultrasound looked good as far as we know! The tech said she didnt see anything to be concerned about and that the Dr would call in the next couple days. But We arent too worried! If it was something major I'm sure the tech wouldve seen it.

Alex and I both feel so blessed to be able to have another healthy happy pregnancy and to be having another little girl!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lenah's 15 month appt.

We had Lenah's 15 month appt this morning and everything went well! She had to have 3 shots which I wasnt really prepared for :( And I totally had to hold back the tears this morning. lol I know it's for her own good, but I just feel sooo bad! Like every mom; I know :)
Dr. said that everything looked perfectly and that Lenah is right on track for her age. She said that to be saying almost 10 words is great! And that she might even try putting her on the potty every once in awhile just to see if it would work! Her suggestion, I honestly havent even thought of that yet. But she said girls are much quicker than boys (which I knew) and that she could possibly be potty trained by the time this next little one comes along or at least partially. That would be awesome! but..... we will see. My mom said I was potty trained by 1 1/2 so maybe!?!
Lenah weighed in at 24lb 12oz. which was about 75th % and was 30 1/4 in. long which was only in the 45th %, but the Dr said she thought she looked a little taller than that and she may have been measured just a bit off.
Now Lenah got some tylenol for her owies and is off to lala land. For a long time this afternoon I'm hoping!

Monday, November 9, 2009

halloween and beautiful fall weather!!!

well, we have been enjoying the fall weather lately! I am just loving that we finally are getting some real fall feeling weather! With a little sun :)

As you can see Lenah was raggedy ann for halloween and we might be a bit biased, but we think she was the cutest one ever!!!! :) She liked her costume and would even keep her hat on except for in the car. We hit lots of places and just enjoyed the night!

Baby D is doing good, I've been feeling much better and cant complain too much! Or at least try not too. It is such a blessing to be able to get pregnant, have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies and I try to remember that when I'm feeling aches and pains, tired or uncomfortable.

Hope you are all enjoying the fall weather out there!

hangin out with Dave and Christy, they came over while Alex was gone, and Lenah loved having someone at home other than me! I guess I cant blame her :)
Lenah LOVES carrying around her "purse" and has lots of things to put in it. Her newest thing lately is to "feed" her baby (or "baybay" as she says) her sippy cup. Its so cute

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Sunday morning Lenah wasnt feeling that great (She just has a cold) so we werent going to put her in the church nursery and there's not much point in going to church with her because we wont pay any attention! So we all stayed home and carved some pumpkins :) Lenah was ok with it and wanted to eat the seeds and was not a happy camper when we told her no no and took them out of her mouth, she cried and cried. She was feeling a bit sensitive that day I think. Here are a few pics!

What else has been up lately? Not much! It's been so crappy outside lately that it is really hard to do much! I wish we could just get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall weather and leaves. It seems like it only gets nice out by the afternoon finally which is during Miss Lenah's nap time! oh well! Nothing we can do about it right?

Baby news, I had a Dr.s appt last week weds and everything looked good. The baby and I are both growing as we should (I'm still down a couple lbs, but am quite unsure of how that could be!) and the Dr. answered some ?'s for me. I love going to the Drs for baby. :) Its so fun to be able hear and see (yes I've been able to get an u/s both times I've been to the Dr!) I had one at my last appt. because the baby kept moving away from the Dr and we could hear it moving but couldnt get a good heartbeat. On the ultrasound it was 160. hmmmm boy or girl? whattya think? morning sickness (day sickness), craving salt not so much sweets, heartbeats were 170 and 160, very sensitive to smells. What could it be? I'm leaning towards girl :) I have ultrasound pictures, I'll try to post them soon!

Alex has been doing a lot of duck/goose hunting lately and leaves for Montana this coming monday. So in otherwards he's been having a great last few weeks! And weeks to come! :) Thats good I'm glad he has a good hobby. Next week while he's gone Lenah and I will be trying to keep ourselves very busy!

Sorry the pics are a little out of order!

Lenah scraping the outside of her pumpkin :)

Poor Lenah, she doesnt look like she feels very well!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall, Fall, Fall

Whew it's been awhile since my last post to here. I was seriously thinking about giving it up but am doing it for the few people who told me they LOVE our blog and want us to keep doing it. (Mainly you Mom D :) So, what have we been up to since my last post? Kinda seems like a lot, but I wont go into tooo much detail so we dont have a 10 page post :)
We went Apple picking a couple saturdays ago. Lenah, Me (Jen) and our friend Christy went. We had so much fun and Lenah was sooooo good! She just sat in her stroller and ate almost an entire whole apple! I thought she would just gum it, but she got right into it and ate it, skin and all. She was a sticky mess, but hey, it kept her happy. Then we went out to eat afterwards at the pie pantry, which was yummy as always.

I am just over 11 weeks pregnant and am feeling much better. I think I have figured out how to manage it and need to eat every couple hrs. before I get nauseous, else it's game over and the ralphing begins, or at least the nausea! lol This week once I realized wow I'm over 11 weeks already and we've known for 5 weeks that we are pregnant; I am beginning to feel overwhelmed. Not just at having another little one because ready or not here she/he comes! And I'm good with that, but it's all the preparing! I know its really early and We dont need to prepare yet, but I just feel like if time flies like it has been we are going to have to hustle by the time we start anything! I think I am feeling like this because the baby will be in our DISASTER of a computer room upstairs and we need to move everything downstairs, store this computer desk, get a new computer desk because this one wont fit down our stairs, organize EVERYTHING, put our entire basement back together AGAIN (it flooded a year ago and we got new carpet a couple months after that, had everything put back into place and 6 months later the carpet started bowing so had to take everything back out and just got it fixed and have to put it all together again), paint the upstairs rooms, ceilings, etc, and decorate. whew! I guess it's not THAT much, but I'm just feeling overwhelmed this week! Oh and on top of that get Lenah a big girl bed, order more furniture and get her to actually SLEEP in her big girl bed. Sorry, thanks for listening to my rant lol I had to get it out. I' m sure it wont be a prob to get it all done!
As for Miss Lenah, her little personality just keeps coming out for us to see. Not always nice, but usually kind of funny (unfortunatly we cant always laugh when we want to though!). The other day she woke up in the morning (9am! yes, she's still a good sleeper :) and was yelling, " MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!" it was so cute! I just sat and listened for a bit before getting her because it was too darn cute. She still likes to crawl behind the couch. Annoying!!! Now she realizes that I cant get her out though unless I move the whole couch. nice. Yesterday I caught her behind the couch playing in the candy dish that she had somehow gotten from off the end table (we have it pushed far back so she cant get it!) She was NOT happy when I had to take it away and screamed and kicked for a few minutes. naughty naughty. I really think a little brother or sister will be good for her and maybe she will realize that the world does not revolve around her. It's so hard to punish a 14 month old when they are naughty, they are too young for a real spanking (yes, we will spank our kids if they really need it!) and obviously does not understand a time out, and yelling just doesnt accomplish much except giving myself a headache! Any ideas parents? :)
Even though it's been rainy and yucky a lot lately. I still LOVE fall! I love the cooler weather, wearing sweatshirts and the change of clothes. I love Lenah wearing her little boots and hats and fall clothes. I love drinking warm hot chocolate, coffee or tea. And making warm muffins, and baked goods. Alex of course loves the hunting (which is where he is tonight). And I dont mind a night with Lenah and I ONCE in AWHILE :) He is pretty good about not going out tooooo much now that we have kid"s". Oh I just love this time of year!!!
ok, I think this lONG chapter of our life is enough for now! Sorry!

haha tubby time! She loves bubbles, and I think Daddy loves them just as much, you think?
Lenah in her play tutu. She thinks she is hot stuff walking around with it on :)
getting into the candy dish behind the couch!