Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lenah's 15 month appt.

We had Lenah's 15 month appt this morning and everything went well! She had to have 3 shots which I wasnt really prepared for :( And I totally had to hold back the tears this morning. lol I know it's for her own good, but I just feel sooo bad! Like every mom; I know :)
Dr. said that everything looked perfectly and that Lenah is right on track for her age. She said that to be saying almost 10 words is great! And that she might even try putting her on the potty every once in awhile just to see if it would work! Her suggestion, I honestly havent even thought of that yet. But she said girls are much quicker than boys (which I knew) and that she could possibly be potty trained by the time this next little one comes along or at least partially. That would be awesome! but..... we will see. My mom said I was potty trained by 1 1/2 so maybe!?!
Lenah weighed in at 24lb 12oz. which was about 75th % and was 30 1/4 in. long which was only in the 45th %, but the Dr said she thought she looked a little taller than that and she may have been measured just a bit off.
Now Lenah got some tylenol for her owies and is off to lala land. For a long time this afternoon I'm hoping!

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