Monday, November 9, 2009

halloween and beautiful fall weather!!!

well, we have been enjoying the fall weather lately! I am just loving that we finally are getting some real fall feeling weather! With a little sun :)

As you can see Lenah was raggedy ann for halloween and we might be a bit biased, but we think she was the cutest one ever!!!! :) She liked her costume and would even keep her hat on except for in the car. We hit lots of places and just enjoyed the night!

Baby D is doing good, I've been feeling much better and cant complain too much! Or at least try not too. It is such a blessing to be able to get pregnant, have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies and I try to remember that when I'm feeling aches and pains, tired or uncomfortable.

Hope you are all enjoying the fall weather out there!

hangin out with Dave and Christy, they came over while Alex was gone, and Lenah loved having someone at home other than me! I guess I cant blame her :)
Lenah LOVES carrying around her "purse" and has lots of things to put in it. Her newest thing lately is to "feed" her baby (or "baybay" as she says) her sippy cup. Its so cute

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GITTYUP said...

Yup, the cutest Raggedy Ann! What a great costume. My favorite picture is the one of Lena with her hat/vest/purse combo. Looks like you girls have a ton of fun! glad to hear you're doing great!