Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Sunday morning Lenah wasnt feeling that great (She just has a cold) so we werent going to put her in the church nursery and there's not much point in going to church with her because we wont pay any attention! So we all stayed home and carved some pumpkins :) Lenah was ok with it and wanted to eat the seeds and was not a happy camper when we told her no no and took them out of her mouth, she cried and cried. She was feeling a bit sensitive that day I think. Here are a few pics!

What else has been up lately? Not much! It's been so crappy outside lately that it is really hard to do much! I wish we could just get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall weather and leaves. It seems like it only gets nice out by the afternoon finally which is during Miss Lenah's nap time! oh well! Nothing we can do about it right?

Baby news, I had a Dr.s appt last week weds and everything looked good. The baby and I are both growing as we should (I'm still down a couple lbs, but am quite unsure of how that could be!) and the Dr. answered some ?'s for me. I love going to the Drs for baby. :) Its so fun to be able hear and see (yes I've been able to get an u/s both times I've been to the Dr!) I had one at my last appt. because the baby kept moving away from the Dr and we could hear it moving but couldnt get a good heartbeat. On the ultrasound it was 160. hmmmm boy or girl? whattya think? morning sickness (day sickness), craving salt not so much sweets, heartbeats were 170 and 160, very sensitive to smells. What could it be? I'm leaning towards girl :) I have ultrasound pictures, I'll try to post them soon!

Alex has been doing a lot of duck/goose hunting lately and leaves for Montana this coming monday. So in otherwards he's been having a great last few weeks! And weeks to come! :) Thats good I'm glad he has a good hobby. Next week while he's gone Lenah and I will be trying to keep ourselves very busy!

Sorry the pics are a little out of order!

Lenah scraping the outside of her pumpkin :)

Poor Lenah, she doesnt look like she feels very well!

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Rosebuds said...

Ok Jen...these pics are cute, but I want to see what that little peanut looked like on Halloween!! I know that she had to of been the cutest little girl on the block:) Hope you have a good week with Alex gone:( Hopefully it will go by super fast:)