Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall, Fall, Fall

Whew it's been awhile since my last post to here. I was seriously thinking about giving it up but am doing it for the few people who told me they LOVE our blog and want us to keep doing it. (Mainly you Mom D :) So, what have we been up to since my last post? Kinda seems like a lot, but I wont go into tooo much detail so we dont have a 10 page post :)
We went Apple picking a couple saturdays ago. Lenah, Me (Jen) and our friend Christy went. We had so much fun and Lenah was sooooo good! She just sat in her stroller and ate almost an entire whole apple! I thought she would just gum it, but she got right into it and ate it, skin and all. She was a sticky mess, but hey, it kept her happy. Then we went out to eat afterwards at the pie pantry, which was yummy as always.

I am just over 11 weeks pregnant and am feeling much better. I think I have figured out how to manage it and need to eat every couple hrs. before I get nauseous, else it's game over and the ralphing begins, or at least the nausea! lol This week once I realized wow I'm over 11 weeks already and we've known for 5 weeks that we are pregnant; I am beginning to feel overwhelmed. Not just at having another little one because ready or not here she/he comes! And I'm good with that, but it's all the preparing! I know its really early and We dont need to prepare yet, but I just feel like if time flies like it has been we are going to have to hustle by the time we start anything! I think I am feeling like this because the baby will be in our DISASTER of a computer room upstairs and we need to move everything downstairs, store this computer desk, get a new computer desk because this one wont fit down our stairs, organize EVERYTHING, put our entire basement back together AGAIN (it flooded a year ago and we got new carpet a couple months after that, had everything put back into place and 6 months later the carpet started bowing so had to take everything back out and just got it fixed and have to put it all together again), paint the upstairs rooms, ceilings, etc, and decorate. whew! I guess it's not THAT much, but I'm just feeling overwhelmed this week! Oh and on top of that get Lenah a big girl bed, order more furniture and get her to actually SLEEP in her big girl bed. Sorry, thanks for listening to my rant lol I had to get it out. I' m sure it wont be a prob to get it all done!
As for Miss Lenah, her little personality just keeps coming out for us to see. Not always nice, but usually kind of funny (unfortunatly we cant always laugh when we want to though!). The other day she woke up in the morning (9am! yes, she's still a good sleeper :) and was yelling, " MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!" it was so cute! I just sat and listened for a bit before getting her because it was too darn cute. She still likes to crawl behind the couch. Annoying!!! Now she realizes that I cant get her out though unless I move the whole couch. nice. Yesterday I caught her behind the couch playing in the candy dish that she had somehow gotten from off the end table (we have it pushed far back so she cant get it!) She was NOT happy when I had to take it away and screamed and kicked for a few minutes. naughty naughty. I really think a little brother or sister will be good for her and maybe she will realize that the world does not revolve around her. It's so hard to punish a 14 month old when they are naughty, they are too young for a real spanking (yes, we will spank our kids if they really need it!) and obviously does not understand a time out, and yelling just doesnt accomplish much except giving myself a headache! Any ideas parents? :)
Even though it's been rainy and yucky a lot lately. I still LOVE fall! I love the cooler weather, wearing sweatshirts and the change of clothes. I love Lenah wearing her little boots and hats and fall clothes. I love drinking warm hot chocolate, coffee or tea. And making warm muffins, and baked goods. Alex of course loves the hunting (which is where he is tonight). And I dont mind a night with Lenah and I ONCE in AWHILE :) He is pretty good about not going out tooooo much now that we have kid"s". Oh I just love this time of year!!!
ok, I think this lONG chapter of our life is enough for now! Sorry!

haha tubby time! She loves bubbles, and I think Daddy loves them just as much, you think?
Lenah in her play tutu. She thinks she is hot stuff walking around with it on :)
getting into the candy dish behind the couch!

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Bill.Rachel.Ethan.Levi said...

HAHA i love the "spanking" part! you are too funny, i agree though, sometimes ya just have to...
The second one will be good for her though- Pics are adorable! What a little princess!