Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Its December already!!!

I can not believe its Dec. already! I was stressing a bit yesterday thinking of all that needs to get done before Christmas and actually way before that since all our parties start next weekend already! But... Lenah was a trooper yesterday and let mommy get lots of christmas shopping done, so i just have the little things to do now, grab gifts, stocking stuffers, etc. whew!

We got our tree the day after thanksgiving and put it up that night. It was something with miss Lenah around this year! Well, she was around last year too, but not into things so much yet :) But she's doing ok with it so far. Only ripped one gift open so far. lol

We leave for Turks and Caicos with Alex's family the day after Christmas, so the next few weeks will be busy with Christmas parties, baking, packing, and getting last minute things ready! But I'm not complaining, it will be well worth it when we get there and can just relax! We are SOOOOO excited! Not so much for the planeride there with Lenah, but oh well, we have lots of help :) Thank goodness, because entertaining an active 16 mo old will not be an easy task I'm sure!

Lenah has been full of life lately as always. She is learning to whine to get her way exceptionally well and throws fits when she doesnt get what she wants. Terrible 2's already!?! But she is also the joy of our lives :) She is talking more and more and knows what she wants and points to it, which is nice you dont have to just guess. She loves to "feed" her baby or stuffed animals her sippy cup and makes a "chhhhhh" sound. It is precious. She loves to read books and is learning to like to color. I'm trying to hold off til christmas because I think someone might be getting her some cool crayons! She loves to climb on the couch and will sometimes just walk right off the end! agh! But oh well! crazy girl :)

Baby D is doing well! I'm feeling her more and more everyday and am loving it! I cant wait until Alex can feel her, and I know he is excited about that too :) It was pretty amazing watching her on the u/s the other day! I could watch all day long.... I just love being able to say, "my girls" it is so much fun!
Before we leave for vacation we need to empty out the computer room and make room for baby! The painter is coming while we are gone, so we have to have the room all ready for him. yay!!!
ok, ive bored you enough for today! Enjoy the weather, as I'm pretty sure this will be our last "nice" day for a long time :(

enjoying some reading time, reading to her kitty

helping daddy untangle the christmas lights as I put them on the tree

haha nice bling Lenah :)
Lenah making her fishie face that Daddy taught her :)

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